Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection are compilation albums released October 29, 2010 by hard rock band Bon Jovi. Greatest Hits is a single disc, spanning the entire career of the band as well as two new songs, "What Do You Got?" and "No Apologies."
Greatest Hits – The Ultimate Collection is a double disc collection featuring the Greatest Hits album and second disc featuring fan favorites along with two more new songs: "This Is Love, This Is Life" and "The More Things Change." The four new songs were written specifically for this new compilation project. The font used for the band's name on the album's cover is a return to the Bon Jovi logo used from 1985 to 1988.
In addition to the four new songs, at least one song was included from each Bon Jovi studio album (with the exceptions of 7800° Fahrenheit and Bounce, although a bonus track from 7800 Fahrenheit is included on international versions); two tracks from Bon Jovi's previous compilation album Cross Road were included as well. Also, one song, "Blaze of Glory", was added despite being a release from Jon Bon Jovi's solo album of the same name.
Bon Jovi performed a special, live streaming concert for the Live oan Letterman web series on November 9, 2010. The band performed a significant part of the album during the hour long set.

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